The Museum for Object Research is a forum for artists working with objects.

In the digital age our notion of the museum has become a more flexible concept, including repositories of ideas and information in online spaces.

MfOR was born when Sonia Boué began a blog with the observation that, “Some museums live in our cupboards and imaginations, awaiting their moment of arrival.” A core concept was to invite other object artists to join her in making content, including guest blog posts, reviews and other ‘donations’ to the Museum.

It began on the a-n blog site and will continue to publish there but we will transfer our archive of content over to WordPress as we develop this space too.

We have exciting plans to bring the Museum into the physical world in the near future and want to share this with and beyond our existing professional network on a-n.

Join multiform artists Sonia Boué and Elena Thomas, and a group of professional artists on this exciting journey.

MfOR blog concept © Sonia Boué 2014

MfOR exhibition & conference concept © Sonia Boué & Elena Thomas 2017

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