Objects of Desire

It’s always a delight to be reintroduced to something you loved and had completely forgotten about, as happened yesterday. It was while I was thinking about titles for a small body of work that the words ‘objects of desire’ came to mind. Maybe subconsciously, I was remembering Matthew Sweet’s programme on Radio Four, a series I had listened to and really enjoyed.

Kate Murdoch – Keeping It Going

‘The subject of our mortality is one that has always fascinated me -the fragility of life versus the permanence of objects, in particular …’   A Facebook memory popped up on my timeline over the weekend and made me want to touch base with my ‘Keeping It Going’ blog again. The memory showed a photo … Continue reading Kate Murdoch – Keeping It Going

What would Meri do? Reflections on the history of a family photograph in an art practice. #ObjectResearch

Originally published on The Other Side, this post relates to my research and the family history which fuels my art practice. My mission is to create a body of work around the themes emerging from a second generation experience of Spanish Republican exile to England. My great grandmother sits beneath a bakelite radio, surrounded by family … Continue reading What would Meri do? Reflections on the history of a family photograph in an art practice. #ObjectResearch

Perfect storm.

This photograph was taken outside the Magdalen Road Studios project space Filament 14, during MfOR's mid term gathering of artist proposals. NB. The poem in this blog post first appeared on my (Sonia Boué's) The Other Side blog site, which is where much of the material about my research on the autistic professional template for MfOR can … Continue reading Perfect storm.

Project development.

  Project updates: The project is slowly building behind the scenes and  I've been blogging a great deal on my own site about my autistic life. Professional development issues have dominated the last three posts, in which I dissect some of the more problematic areas of working life as a freelance autistic artist in a neurotypical … Continue reading Project development.

The Museum goes into research and development!

We've been a little quiet lately. Much work behind the scenes preparing an Arts Council bid is the reason why.  But the the news is good! We've been given a Grants for the Arts award to develop our Museum for further consideration in an even more ambitious bid in six months' time. So this is … Continue reading The Museum goes into research and development!

Bloody Merleau-Ponty

Ah well… It’s all Arty-Bollocks… Right up to the point where you find something you have experienced, and can see it as real. So, having finished my MA nearly five years ago, and having suppressed the urge to burn anything with Deleuze and Guattari written on the front, I now find myself in the confusing … Continue reading Bloody Merleau-Ponty